Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sunday 5th December - Varanasi

The Hotel Hindustan International is a fairly tired looking hotel.  The rooms are spacious and well furnished.  Everything looks either in need of a good clean or redecorating especially the bathroom that has dark damp patches and a badly fitting shower door causing water stains to the floor etc. 

After we eventually managed to get a cup of tea we went out for a walk to see what the local area had to offer by way of food and drink.  Varanasi is the oldest city in India and as such all of the shops are little kiosk type affairs.  We bought supplies of bottled water, mango juice and crisps but were unable to find any restaurants or places to have a drink.

We returned to the hotel slightly dusty and amused at the fact we had caused a small traffic jam because people wanted to stop and stare at us.  Fat white people must be a novelty here.

We had dinner in the hotel’s Indian restaurant. The food was superb and the waiting staff were great, helpfully describing things to us.  Neither of us had the heart to tell them that we knew exactly what everything on the menu was.

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